The Day I did it…

Both the living and dead friends I’ve had always said Just do it, it won’t kill it’s just a few seconds and if it’s too long few minutes and you are done. Stop being a kid, just do it that’s the only way you can make him know you care about him and it would make him stay especially if you do it very well i.e with your entire heart. That way it won’t hurt much too.

Those were the words I kept hearing since I and Smart met. Smart? Such a Priceless jewel coated with an unbreakable Brown skin, men never have Dimples? Smart made history with those bottomless holes by his left cheek that would send chills down my spine when he smiled revealing those sparkling white teeth admist uncatered to Beards that somehow just fits his personality.

Sometimes I wondered why he kept smiling sef. Was that why my friends really wanted me to do it for and with him? Yes he deserved it I would always murmur to myself.

Even though I visited severally, I still couldn’t do it because that’s my pride, something I want to save till marriage so if Smart is the guy, he should pop the question and allow girl unleash. Though I’ve never done it and didn’t know what to expect, I took solace in my over Sabi friends “Jenny if you do it with Smart it won’t Hurt, you Guys are in Love for real”

Fast forward to the day it happened….
That Sunday morning obviously a hangover from Saturday at the club and thrusting, Yes what you think went down.

Maybe it’s time to make Smart see me as that girl for keeps and not just for pleasure? Yes I did it.

What again did she do? I am sure you asked? Yes I picked up the broom and mop Stick and it was time to do that one thing I have always saved for Mr Right, since the real gift wasn’t here, this was me giving my most cherished gift out for Smart.

I swept and cleaned the entire house till its beemed like his teeth. This of course is prevalent when you grow in a house with 6 men.

And God bless the day I did it, I found THIS underneath the bed.Screenshot_20180711-122930

“O Jenny, it’s a cut from the  Procold tablet I took the last time I had a cold it’s not what you are thinking Jenny, I am not cheating on you I know it looks like a used sex rubber pact but can you please trust me? I didn’t do it”. Those where the handpicked words his Pulmonic Airstream Mechanisms could let out.

Of course his defence made no sense to me after all MEN DON’T EXACTLY HAVE A WHY THEY DID IT, THEY ONLY HAVE A BUNCH OF LIES.

But one thing I remember is that GOD INDEED BLESSED THE DAY I DID IT…